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Weekly "Half & Half" Draw

Rules and Regulations

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Tickets available at McDavids Convenence Store in Tide Head or Members of the Fire Department.

Please help support the Tide Head Volunteer Fire Department by purchasing your weekly ticket for only two dollars. The money raised will be used toward the purchase of new equipment and training.


  1. The cost is $2.00 per week to enter the draw.
  2. A person must sign up to become a member of the THFD 50/50 draw.
  3. When a person is signed up for the draw they will receive a number. It is important that they keep and remember this number.
  4. The week ends at 23:59 hrs on Sunday night, after this a new week starts.
  5. The draw will be on Wednesday of each week.
  6. Every person signed up for the THFB 50/50 will be entered for the draw regardless if they have paid for the week or not.. If a person’s number is chosen and they have not paid for the week, there is no winner and the pot is added to the next weeks draw.
  7. If the number of a member that has not paid is selected, a consolation prize of $20 will be drawn. This will be drawn from the 50/50 draw members that have paid for that week.
  8. Members of the Tide Head Fire Dept (THFD) or the Tide Head Fire Brigade (THFB) are not eligible to enter the draw.
  9. Winners will be contacted by the THFD using the information provided at sign up, anyone changing phone numbers or address should give the THFD an update.
  10. Winners have 60 days from the draw date to claim their prize, any unclaimed prizes will be returned to the pot of the 50/50 draw.
  11. The THFB reserves the right to cancel or terminate this 50/50 draw at any time.